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Hey guys! Have you ever wondered what does a cohabitation agreement look like? Well, I found this link that explains it all.

Also, if you’re in Bulawayo and need legal advice, I found a list of law firms in Bulawayo that can help!

And for those looking to take on a bank, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to take legal action against a bank.

Ever thought about buying a business? Here’s a legal guide on how to evaluate a business for sale.

And speaking of contracts, do you know what a DLA contract is? This link explains it all.

Or are you confused about the difference between social enterprise and private limited company? Check out this explanation.

For those of you thinking about a career with the NSA, here are the NSA employment requirements.

And if you’re in Florida, make sure you’re familiar with the concealed weapons laws in Florida.

Buying a car? Understand your rights with lemon laws for vehicles.

Lastly, for those of you interested in legal agreements, here’s a guide on side letter agreements.