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Q: What subjects are needed for law?

A: To pursue a career in law, essential subjects such as criminal law, contracts, torts, and legal writing are needed for legal studies.

Q: What is a contract for service?

A: A contract for service is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions between a service provider and a client.

Q: What is a non-judicial stamp green legal paper?

A: Non-judicial stamp paper, also known as green legal paper, is used for executing various legal documents such as agreements, contracts, and affidavits.

Q: What are the best alternatives to a negotiated agreement?

A: The best alternatives to a negotiated agreement include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law as methods for legal settlements.

Q: What are the French Polynesia COVID requirements?

A: The latest French Polynesia COVID requirements include travel guidelines, restrictions, and health protocols for visitors to the region.